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Who Is the American President's Bitch?

(Australian Prime Minister John Howard (front), assisted by parliamentary staff, keep the Greens Senators Kerry Nettle (3rd, L) and Bob Brown (behind her) away from President George W Bush (far right) after his speech at Parliament House October 23, 2003 in Canberra.)

President Bush was heckled in the Australian Parliament today. Later, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said he had been warned. "It was expected," he said. "That's the Australian Parliament for you."

Yet despite this, and despite the thousands of anti-war demonstrators (estimated at five thousand), John Howard proved once again that he was the President's bitch. Or, as many surrounding countries and people within Australia say in mocking tones, the Deputy Sheriff. The kind of deputy who is viciously and violently beaten in the middle of the story, and thus allows for the Sheriff to have his emotional revenge upon the enemy. Isn't that a cheery thought?

(i can't link them here, but if you want to see some spiffy puppets of john howard and george w bush in their master and dog role, have a tour through the news sites. yahoo news, where i got the front image, has a few fine ones, including one of senator bob green, one of the hecklers, with a friendly john and george. funny. wish i could've used it.

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