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Self Promotion: Elsewhere, edited by Michael Barry.

over the weekend, in the city of canberra, the anthology elsewhere was launched.

here's that spiffy cover again:

the book was given a launch speech by trudi canavan, who is the author of the black magician trilogy. i wasn't there for the launch, and i've never met trudi canavan, but her launch speech singled out 'the recipe' (among a four others) to be mentioned as one of her favourites:

" "The Recipe", by Ben Peek, the protagonist actively seeks to change the world himself by following a mysterious recipe.

1 hero with limited mental capacity
1 magical sword
2 horses
1 prophecy of vague but epic proclamations
1 easily manipulated but long lost king
17 bards of propaganda
1 villain of limited potential
47 minor henchmen

As with any recipe, timing, the quality of the ingredients and the adaptability of the chef are important for success."

which is not a bad a thing to say, really.

of course, she doesn't mention the love that two men on a quest can find, the horrendous but gleeful violence, the obvious influence of monty python's the holy grail, and the line, 'an orc never gave me syphilis'. but then i suppose they're not the things you really talk about at a book launch, are they?

bit of a shame that, but you can't have everything. you can check out the rest of the speech by going to the elsewhere link contained within these words.

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