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there's an article here about tattooed americans. apparently, in a poll, sixteen percent of the american population now have a tattoo, while thirty four percent of that sixteen, claimed the reason behind it was that it made them sexier, and twenty nine percent said that it was rebellious. in a rather ironic statement, five percent claimed that it made them feel more intelligent, while three percent said it made them feel athletic.

personally, i'm fascinated by it. by the culture, by the possibilities, by everythig that can moves around it. though in fairness, i'm not so interested in the reasons that people give for sexiness and rebellion. it's seems to be a bit shallow of a reason to get something permenant inked into you, but that's obviously my point of view. however, shelley jackson with her skin project is doing something absolutely fascinating. someone has set up a livejournal community dedicated to it, called the mortal work of art community, and the people running it have signed themselves up for a word. checking out her website reveals that jackson has picked up over five hundred people so far, which isn't bad.

i admire the people who've signed up for jackson's project, no matter their reason. to me, it's a work of art, even if i have questions about it. i wouldn't, for example, want a word that contributes to a story with a political ideal that i disagree with; and i would want 'the mortal work of art', as jackson calls it, to make a political statement. i wouldn't want something upon me that said nothing. that's not much of a problem with jackson, from what my admittedly limited reading of her has shown, but i would still want to see the text within full before i was part of the project. (another reason to not join is, in fairness, that i don't enjoy jackson's prose that much--but if the story was something i believed in, i might be persuaded otherwise, but probably not. i'm not big on groups or organisations, and this runs close to one.) but despite this, i think the project itself is fascinating and fantastic and is definitely something i will be keeping an eye upon. i also hope that the project is a success for jackson and the people involved.

but jackson's project, i think, taps into the huge possibilities of tattoos, and it is this that fascinates me. what can be done--what has been done. so, if anyone knows anything neat regarding tattoos, feel free to share, and point me into that direction.

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