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Deborah Biancotti.

deborah biancotti is an elegant writer (and person) who makes elegant websites. for much too long, she's been horribly misusing her ability and making websites for other people. but now she has her own.

for the people who have never heard of deb biancotti (and considering my latest stats are picking up a bunch of folks from the us military, finland, israel, and the always lovely iceland, there might be a few) she's considered one of the rising authors in australian speculative fiction, and has made an impressive list of publications and awards in the last three years. this is because she lures little boys and girls off the streets of sydney and into her dark, narrow terrace house with the tantalising offers of sweet candy. once inside, she boils them until their meat peels away, leaving bleached bones that she can then perform her pagan rituals with.

the result of this is an unique author's voice and vision within her work, and she remains, i think, one of the few people in local fiction worth watching.
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