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what an odd world: the news of arnold becoming governor has been frontline news in australia. everywhere i turn, it's arnold this, arnold that, which seems (to me, and maybe just to me) a bit odd, considering i live in sydney.

after mentioning this exciting news, i was then informed that yassar arafat might be recovering from a heart attack.

but, fuck it, that's not as important as what is going on in the state of california.

meanwhile, our own leader, that stunted, deaf dwarf john howard, is bringing back parliament early so that george w. can give a half hour speech. it's a motion that has seen some accuse the government of setting aside the Australian democratic process, but this is not front running news. nor is the fact that some politicians wish to stand and turn their back to old george, and that the opposition leader, simon crean--ensuring that he'll never be elected by saying so--has basically issued a command telling those in his party not too. but we wouldn't want to spend a long time discussing that, because arnold is now the governor of a state in a country none of us can vote in. i mean, check this out: i know more about californian politics than i do about victorian politics--and it's possible that one day i could go and live in melbourne and vote there, while it's a pretty big long shot that i'll be voting for arnold or in the usa.

at times, it strikes me as strange the affect that american politics has on me, living in the western suburbs of sydney. i've mentioned it before, but it still strikes me as odd--to say the least--that i don't want george w. bush back in power. and not that i just don't want him in the way that i would like john howard to disappear (which is with a resigned and knowing sigh, 'cause he isn't going anywhere until after the next election) but rather with a some emotion. which is pretty fucked up when you think about it. but here i am, thinking this, and thinking how the election of arnold to california is a bad, bad thing, because he is a republican, and i've read numerous articles about how arnold could be in a position to held bush back into power.

which, considering that bush casually endorsed arnold with a nod, and the claim that he'd be good for the state, seems to go along with that line of thinking.

and i'm still disappointed that more people didn't vote for mary carey, the porn star. according to mari, more people voted for gary coleman.


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Oct. 8th, 2003 10:25 am (UTC)
Well, California's GDP ($1.3 trillion) is 3.5 times larger than Australia's ($357 billion), about the same size as France. That's 2001 numbers; I believe California's GDP is now larger than France's.

The California state budget is approximately $99 billion (which does not count federal dollars collected and spent in California, over which the governor has at least some influence); Australia's national budget is approximately $119 billion (in USD).

So, anyways, California's governor is probably as important to the global economy as, say, the Australian prime minister. Add in the whole circus-like atmosphere around the recall, and it's a natural for worldwide media coverage.

I will say, though, that the whole thing reminds me of why I definitely do not want to live in California. North Carolina's not perfect, but it's sure a lot saner than California.
Oct. 8th, 2003 05:25 pm (UTC)
i don't think it is natural that california should be headline world news, despite its economic size. it never has been before. until a few months ago, i most definately couldn't have told you that gray davis was the governor, and previous elections have simply not been covered over here. given the fact that arnold was running, it was rather inevitable that it would be this huge media circus, and that it would be covered--had he run in say, i dunno, kansas, much the same would have happened news wise.

i guess i'm just continuing in my view that the media is no longer as an outlet for news, but rather entertainment. i suppose if i had written that post at say ten in the morning like now, rather than midnight, it might have been a touch more coherent on that level.

still, it'll probably continue. has livejournal, will post wildly, as they say ;)
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