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Magician Mauled by Tiger.

"Illusionist Roy Horn, the other half of the famed "Siegfried and Roy" entertainment duo, was fighting for his life after being savagely mauled by his act's tiger during a Las Vegas stage show.

The attack took place at about 8:20 pm, Friday, 50 minutes into the glittering duo's show, which has become one of the most popular in the desert gambling hub.

"We don't know what precipitated the attack and frankly we may never know, but the tiger lunged at Roy and he sustained a very serious injury to the left side of his neck," Feldman said."

probably didn't like working in vegas. anyhow, kinda inevitable and darkly amusing, isn't it? still, i'm hoping the tiger survives. i sympathise with it, since if i were working six nights a week in a casino, i'd have taken a chunk out of my boss' throat, too.
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