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Zeera The Space Pirate.

for this week, zeera the space pirate will feature comic strips scripted by me, so check it out.

zeera is written and drawn by my friend naomi hatchman, who writes fine fiction, and has excellent layout skills. without her, the urban sprawl project would have been an ugly thing. anyhow, zeera is usually an all ages kind of strip, something everyone, even your little kiddies (should you have them), can enjoy. i, however, am not an all ages kind of guy, so for this week, it's bad taste jokes through and through.

zeera has been online for two years now, updated every week. the strips are part of a celebration thing, and i'd put one up here for you, but i can't. but you should follow the link anyhow and go there, and tell your friends.

and if some new people follow the link from her page over to this livejournal, then, hello. nice to see you.
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