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i'll start this post by pointing out to people that london residents are now betting on if david blaine will survive the forty four days. odds are running 4/9. my opinion? well, i think reality boy will succeed. he's had a lot of time to train, and the psychology of the box above the crowd has made it easier than sitting in total isolation. (though i could be wrong. just saying.) but of course, the real reason i think he'll succeed is that i'm pretty sure he has trained by starving himself a week, then two, then three, in preparation.

but, reality boy is old news to me. i'm tired of reality boy in his plastic box. if paul mccartney had thrown an egg at him, that would've been something thing, but no. nothing so interesting. reality boy has become like so many other reality tv shows: a dull and endless spread of banality.

which is completely unlike the mu meson archives.

i was there again, last night, for freaks, geeks, and almost x-rated peeks part two. wasn't as good as the first one, but that was a tough act to follow. still, the night started with a dentist who had filmed the removal of a patients teeth. the patient, who had had a bad experience as a child, had about four or five needles stuck into his gums while screaming, and then had the memory of this swept away by the drugs the good doctor gave him, who then proceeded to rip out every single on of his teeth.

it was, without a doubt, one of the most horrible things i've ever seen. even now it makes me squeamish.

the rest of the night followed with a clip of weng weng, the philipino midget martial arts star (who will soon be appearing in a comic strip in a local magazine, if i remember correctly, and who you can learn more about right here), some of beat takeshi's game show, japanese music film clips, clips of a woman swearing on a morning news show, and being quickly kicked off (much to her shock), some old horror movie clips, a mentally handicapped training film, an old monkey film where the monkey was a fireman, and the beginning of a horror film that i would have liked to see the end of.

the mu-meson archives, in case people have forgotten, is located in a loft behind a furniture store in sydney, and contains an absolutely compelling collection of oddities, rarities, and downright strangeness, and which is hosted and run by jay katz and miss death. if you're in sydney, you need to go here. the two fine people responsible for the archives, are also responsible for the films in the annandale and a second pub, found over in cronulla, if i remember correctly.

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