Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


apparently some london people, having taken offence to a magic act without magic have decided to take down reality boy magician, david blaine, though it has not met with much success:

"Police said they received a report at 4:45 a.m. that a man had climbed on to the water tower near Blaine's box and tried to cut through water and cable lines connected to the tower, but without success.

Stephen Charles Field, 38, was charged with using threatening behavior and causing criminal damage. He was released on bail and will appear in court Sept. 30th."

i've said it before, but i'll say it again: blaine must be stopped. if he succeeds in his forty four day faux solitary imprisonment in a plastic box, and recieves the reported five million, the bar for entertainment will be lowered even more. but not only that, it with further remove the harsh reality of these events from out day to day life. no one listened to me when i said reality game shows were bad, both socially and as basic entertainment. people said, 'but no, ben, ten people in a house is a fantastic social experiment.' the people who said that were high on monkey brains, every last one; you only have to look around to find ten people in a house with no escape: it's call poverty, and often involves going with food for a night, or sharing beds with people you don't like, as on the show. but of course we have a bit of a chuckle when it's on our tv and as a game show, and hey, lets give those boring bastards a quarter of a million. no. no more. you know what i say? find ten poor fucks who haven't got jobs, health insurance, and who are living in shitty little hovels with two rooms and six people, and put them on tv. the last one left gets a three bedroom house and a fridge.

blaine is simple another example of our social morality being destroyed by talentless people. oh, sure, you say, shaking your head, you're going to bring up that thing about how people starve themselves in protest every day throughout the world, and do it for intelligent, humane reasons that david blaine couldn't begin to understand, and which he ignores with his feat of 'endurance'. well yes. yes i am.

you know what i say? you know what i think'd be good for the media? send them into china (just for an example) and have them grab some people starving in protest, and then put them in a plastic box over the thames. the last one left alive gets his or her plea taken to the united nations and has it entered down as a thing to be done this year. oh, and they get a playstation two.

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