Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Future Things.

i found these through, since i have very little time for tech magazines or sites, but christ, are these cool or what?

"Despite its Star Wars-esque terminology, this piece of futuristic heaven is anything but fabricated. Visual memory or in other words, pictures, are the tickets to re-experiencing one’s past and embracing one’s life. WACCA enables this through the physical form of a bracelet, making credit card cameras bow before this king of style and functionality. This tech accessory will supposedly incorporate sensors, allowing the device to capture appropriate angles for its snap shots, despite being worn on the wrist. WACCA will enable the wearer to view images in a number of ways, but the specifics are still unclear."

"Possibly appealing to both business executives and home users alike, Nave will attempt to replace current video phones and web cameras. Instead of having an incriminating lenses pointing directly towards you, this nifty little device has a 360 degree viewing capability, allowing for an involved conversation session. This could end up being a real hit with teenagers and uber-techies if priced right."
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