Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Iggy Pop.

last night i found a copy of iggy pop's beat 'em up for thirteen bucks, and, recalling a review that called it a throw back to his old stooges days, i picked it up, and you know, it's really, really good.

i've been burnt on iggy. avenue b had very little to give, despite its lyrics about nazi girlfriends; and it's not that i'm against an artist changing his style, and i wanted to like this change, based off that, but i couldn't. it's hard to imagine in a song that begins with 'i want to fuck her on the floor' could be boring, but then iggy pops the next line out and it's 'next to my books of lore' and, you know, it's either giggle at the rhyme, or sit there and remark about how goddamned boring the song and indeed, the whole album is.

it's not that iggy can't do the non punk thing. the idiot has never struck me as a particularly punk album, and, with it's david bowie influence, i've always liked it. (it's companion piece is lust for life but i've always found the latter album to be darker and with more replay ability. but that's me.)

beat em up has iggy supported by the band the trolls, and the first track, 'mask', is like the dirty, live recordings of the stooges paying. it just has this whole rough, unclean edge to it, which makes the music less manufactured, and lifts the entire album right out and above the hundreds of punk albums that are pushed out into the world through the tunnel of corporate birth, and then begins to kick those albums with songs like 'go for the throat' and 'death is certain' among others.

anyhow, i write this here for the people who might've, like me, thought it was time to stop buying iggy pop albums.

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