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Parasitic Third Leg.

"BEIJING - Surgeons in Beijing said on Thursday they had successfully operated on a baby born with a leg of her undeveloped twin protruding from her back after the third limb deprived her of nutrients she needed to live.

For weeks Chinese newspapers have tracked the ordeal of 14-month-old Qing Qing, discovered abandoned on the streets of the capital in March and later adopted by a woman farmer.

Three anesthetists, four surgeons and four nurses toiled for six hours at Dongzhimen Hospital to remove the curved, tail-like parasite, said one of the surgeons, Yu Xing.

"The operation was very smooth and satisfactory," he told Reuters. "She was in dangerous condition, and even faced death, had we not operated in time.

"After the operation, she can now lie down. We hope she can sit in the near future. If her nervous system recovers well, and some other small operations succeed, she can even walk some day."

Yu said the hospital had performed the surgery free of charge."

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