Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The Artist and the Dead Man.

The Artist.

"Polish artist Agata Siwek poses in front of her Auschwitz souvenirs in Guardianenhof art gallery in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, August 21, 2003. The artist has sparked controversy in the Netherlands by selling 'Auschwitz souvenirs' -- from crematorium fridge magnets to 'Arbeit Macht Frei' keyrings -- to remind people of the horrors of the Nazi death camp."

The Dead Man

HANOI - An elderly Vietnamese man thought to have died in a hospital revived after spending the night in the morgue, state media and a doctor said on Friday.

Nguyen Van Quan, 73, was declared dead and taken to a Ho Chi Minh City hospital morgue on the night of August 15 but was found alive by his daughter the next morning as she was retrieving the body for the funeral, the Vietnam News daily said.

"I was shocked and frightened when I saw the blanket that covered my father moving," Quan's daughter was quoted as saying. "When the morgue's officials pulled back the blanket, my father's eyes moved, brightening with joy."

(i just love that line about the old man brightening with joy when they removed his blanket. 'i'm not dead!' he proclaimed loudly and with pride. 'please remove me from this locker!')
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