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quote: 'totalizing visions, attractive though they may be, can never capture all the meanings and significations of the urban when the landscape is critically read and envisioned as a fulsome geographical text. there are too many auteurs to identify, the literalite (materiality?) of the manufactured environment is too multilayered to be allowed to speak for itself, and the countervailing metaphors and metonyms frequently clash, like discordant symbols drowning out the underlying themes. more seriously, we still know too little about the descriptive grammar and syntax of human geographies, the phonemes and epistemes of spatial interpretation... The task of comprehensive, holistic regional description may therefor be impossible, as may be the construction of a compleat historical-geographical materialism.'

edward soja, Postmodern Geographies. (the italics are his.)

while sections of soja's book proved interesting, it was steeped in marxism and materialism, which is, to be completely honest, not where i want to go. i wish to focus upon the people, and while knowing certain aspects about the economics of an area will definitely help, i can't see myself stomaching more than a few of these marxist (or, as soja would have you believe) post marxist geography texts.

but there were interesting factors.

however, what i think i took mostly from this, was that i do want to focus on the people of sydney. where in the past i have said that i am writing a novel on sydney, i think i will now have to focus it and say: the people living in sydney.

but i can't say i won't look into a few more of these texts. but if they all proceed to prove as uninteresting as the majority of soja's to me, then i think i will begin looking elsewhere.
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