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Poor Fucker/Dumb Fucker.

"LONDON - A man died when a car crashed through a sea wall and fell on him while he was reading on a beach, British police said on Friday.

They said Harvey Flower, 58, was killed when the driver of the vehicle lost control, bumped into a parked car, crashed through a beach hut and plowed through the wall on to a beach on the Isle of Wight, southern England. The 59-year-old driver escaped with injuries."

"BERLIN - A German cut off his own penis with a kitchen knife to cure his addiction to sex, police in the southern town of Tiengen said on Friday.

"The man called a friend around eight o'clock to say he'd done something stupid," police said in a statement. He had been drinking vodka to pluck up courage for the amateur surgery.

Police arrived to discover the blood-soaked man, 41, in his apartment and his organ under the kitchen table. Emergency services rushed the man and his penis to a nearby hospital.

Police said the man did not want his penis to be reattached but were unable to say if doctors had complied with his wishes."

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