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the flaming lips have done a cover of kylie minogue's 'can't get you out of my head', and it's a strange little thing. you know when you're sick, and you have those fevered, unsettling, disconnected dreams? it sounds as if it has been directly lifted from one of them.

it's on an ep/single release for 'fight test', which contains a couple of other songs, including the misunderstood brilliance that is 'thank you jack white (for the fiber-optic jesus that you gave me)'.

cheap to buy, cheaper to download.

(the album yoshimi battles the pink robots from which fight test is taken, is full on inspired insanity that i cannot recommend enough. it's not enough to have a couple of the songs, you want the album, with it's screaming battles, it's mediation on young robot fight girls, and life and death.)
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