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Arnold Schwarzenegger Films Taken Off Air.

"The cable (FX and Sci Fi channel) networks are taking the steps proactively, since under current law they are exempt from Federal Communication Commission rules requiring broadcasters to give equal air time to all candidates, free of charge, if they air entertainment programming featuring a political rival.

An FCC source said the commission had received a record number of calls from lawyers for cable channels in recent days regarding California's recall election and ambiguities in the law regarding airtime and candidate appearances.

While rules exempt cable networks, they don't prevent political opponents of Schwarzenegger from filing complaints with the FCC, which could prompt the commission to revisit the rules, said the source who asked to remain anonymous.

"They are very skittish. They're pulling the films so that they don't even have to worry about it," the source said. "If a person wanted equal time and filed a complaint with us ... we'd have to handle the decision head-on and we'd have to clarify."

(personally, i think they should play them, and then have his political opponents analyse the films, claiming that they contain the kind of politics arnie supports.)
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