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through various little bits and pieces of interaction with folks over the last couple of weeks, i've come to the conclusion that more people are reading this journal. this is good, since i try to keep dead orbit interesting enough that people will come back, contribute their comments (though if you're going to spam me, fuck off) and so on and so forth.

but i figured, for the new people coming back and forth, that i would drop down a few things to help orientate yourself.

firstly, dead orbit isn't about my personal life. there are no discussions of failed relationships, or how i felt while sitting in traffic for an hour, or if i've decided to give it all up and become a buddhist. i suspect that if the last happens, the journal will simply stop and i'll be found in brown and orange coloured robes, living in tibet. instead, this journal is public: it's aim is to promote my work, to drop down things i find of interest, and the generally give myself an active presence on the web. i picked the livejournal because a lovely girl took pity on me and gave me a code when she realised i had all the web design skills of a paraplegic monkey. sure, it'd be nice if i had a catchy little web address, but web pages are dangerously static these days, while blogs/journals whatever, are fluid and ever changing.

(this is why i change the title of the livejournal and its look fairly regularly.)

the work i promote is my writing, which is mainly fiction. mostly it has a fantastical bent too it, but the work runs the range of genre from comedies to thrillers to whatever else i feel like doing. diversity is good. if you don't like one thing, you might like another--that's all i can say about my work. if you're still curious, you can find an online version of my story 'cigarettes and roses' by clicking. the story appeared in the anthology passing strange last year, and received an honourable mention in the years best horror and fantasy, which is better than nothing. beyond fiction, i've published poetry, articles, created my own pamphlet (that ran on a shoe string budget and the kindness of friends, but i'm still pleased with what we did), and had a column on for a brief time. my writing and the site didn't mix well, and i only wrote a handful of columns, but if you do a web search you can still find them and you can watch my interest in them slowly fade. in many ways, dead orbit was born out of that failure.

so there you go, a brief rundown. i suppose there is more (i didn't say about my writing a novel for a doctorate at the university of new south wales, for example) but what i missed will come out one way or another. but take a look around, click links, do as you will, and if you find that you kinda like it, pass it around if you're inclined. this journal (and indeed, me) are working on the can't-pay-you-a-cent-kindness that is word of mouth, and i'm always appreciative.

and finally, to leave you with something amusing, my mother, who works in the child protection industry, told me what the most fucked up name for a child she had ever heard was:


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