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Midgets, Catheter Noir, and Charles Bukowski.

i discovered the mu-meson archives last night.

in the companion of c. and d. and r., i ended up in annandale and in a small loft with fifty chairs, a pair of couches, some cheesels, a video recorder, DVD player, a sixteen mil projector, and a screen at the front where the most fantastic array of trash culture and strangeness was played for my amusement. (and, judging from the audience, theirs too.) these things included:

-- the asian martial arts midget wang, who, dressed in a white suit with flares, took out some bad guys, made out with a full sized woman, and leapt from the twentieth floor of a hotel with an umbrella al' la marry poppins.

-- more midgets.

-- charles bukowski at his worse. (i was kinda hoping we'd get a recording of him on this french tv show, drunk and abusing everyone, rather than abusing his wife.)

-- an episode of divorce court from the 70's.

-- a giant tumor removal operation. (i swear to god, i thought the woman was fucking pregnant. the tumor, removed from her stomach, was the size of a healthy child. maybe two.)

-- the american navy film instructing you how to conduct a catheter operation. (i always wondered where all the homoerotic navy stuff came from... if this film is any indication, with it's beautiful males with their perfect hair inserting things with a smile from both patient and doctor, then i do not need to think about it now.)

-- cult horror and blaxapolitian film trailers, mostly having to do with confused zombies, or the tornado, the man 'with a dong/bigger than king kong'.

-- japanese transsexuals applying make-up as they rode a rollercoaster.

and much, much, much more.

it was great. it was ten bucks, and the atmosphere was fantastic. if you live in sydney, this is entirely a place worth finding and going too. they've some great stuff, including rare bill hicks footage that, when screened, is accompanied by the only short film he wrote.

the funny thing about the mu-meson archives, is that it is located in a loft next door to a terrace house that people who i work with live in. they've never been there. in fact, as i talked to them today, they said that they had no idea what was going on in there, but they'd always considered that something strange was going on inside. they weren't very specific on just what that strangeness was (or is), but still...

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