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in sydney there are: electricians, novelists, beauticians, teachers, factory works, sailors, arms dealers, gang members, projectionists, muslims, christians, atheists, women wearing supermen shirts, guitar players, slot jockeys, singers of folk, poets, welders, bank robbers, directors of the commonwealth bank, shareholders in the NRMA, taxi drivers, yvette from MTV, booksellers, science fiction fans, the broken hearted, children under six months without a personality, barbers, uni students, a pair of russian astronauts, store men, accountants, drug dealers, mexican cooks, red eye records, at least one adult reading harry potter who should know better, news reporters, football players, frenchmen (and women), democrats, gunmen, people dressed up like characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, bondage queens, husbands, pedophiles, civil war buffs, bus drivers, and, if you listen carefully, people watching that very bad Godzilla film.

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