Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Margaret Weis' New Book.

one of my guilty pleasures are the books of margaret weis (usually in the company of tracy hickman). i found her when i was twelve, with dragons of autumn twilight and i've been reading her work, solo, and with others, ever since. i'm not going to tell you that this is deep stuff, or that she's a prose mistress, or whatever else it is i often try to convince folks of when i want people to read a book. the books are just fun, light reads that are more often than not professionally written, with deft characterisation, and are good for a Sunday afternoon.

that said, i sat down on a Wednesday, and gobbled up her new book, written solo, and called mistress of the dragons. it starts off in the kingdom of seth, with a beautiful priestess and her warrior woman lover, a kind of fairy tale about lost kingdoms, dragons, evil, and so forth. the usual. it's soft, light, full of self aware humour, and, when the plot calls for it, weis twists it with dark, black humour to great success. the twists are so much fun, that i'm simply not going to tell you what she does, or how she does it, even though i'm fairly sure it would tip a few of you into the might read column. it's spoiling if i do it, and the book is enjoyable, a great Sunday afternoon read, and i recommend it.

rick kleffel at the agony column, also recommends it. it's a mainly spoiler free review, but a few things might get tipped off to the reader, so you're warned.

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