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New Evil.

i've discovered a new evil.

it exists on cds, new cds. take today: i bought the new radiohead album, hail to the thief, after much thought and sampling with downloads. amnesiac kinda pissed me off, feeling like a bunch of songs that the band had been told they couldn't use because they weren't up to professional standard, but after the joy that was kid a (though poorly titled) they pumped out amnesiac which, while it had a better title, blew chunky ones for the most part. but, you know, this is not what is pissing me off.


it's the new copy protection business that cds appear to be having with ill mannered frequency. to stop me from burning a copy onto my hard drive, and mixing it with other songs, and, possibly, sharing with the wide world out there. which you know, fuck it, is my choice.

i've long considered the hysteria that record labels have approached the net and music sharing with, to be a sign that people are onto a good thing. when looked at in the cold hard light, sharing files is similar to listening to something on the radio, with the exception that the label doesn't pay the peer to peer server to support certain bands and control what is dolled out to us. that, in my mind, is what causes fear in record companies, not this loss of supposed money. frankly, there are two arguments there, both researched, and falling clearly on either side; for myself, i know that i buy more cds due to downloading, especially since i can find and sample bands that aren't carried by such global monstrosities like sony. would i have ever found godspeed you black emperor and its many side bands without the net and downloading? i rather doubt it, since the radio pushes things of a strict length and kind.

so i find this copy controlled business to be quite annoying. i'm sure there's something out there to deal with it, and i am sure, soon, that i will find this.

(and on a side note, in which i push my radical conspiracy agendas further, i want to point out how free music, how file sharing, opens up a world of control to us, the consumer, that has never been there before. as a tool, it allows for us to demand better music, to give label companies a swift response to their pretty people, innocuous sounding shit that is put out there. the medium for us to find alternatives is here. this is what the net was made for: information shared freely, without any control. we as people out to be supporting this. once it is gone, it won't be coming back, and we'll once again be trapped in a system where consumerist impulses are dictated by those who are interested in profits, and not art.

hey, i warned you that this little bit was a ranty, flag waving moment. i expect most of you are saying, it's not that simple, ben, and you know, maybe it isn't. certainly file sharing is no tool if you just want to use it to swap popular music like eminem, but then, using it to share them allows for smaller bands to rise, and so on and so forth. yes, i'm going to stop here. right here. but i've got a point, and i've resisted buying a new stereo for years, because i could run the computer sound through the old one (the cd changed is fucked) and i like this mp3 burning world. the power is with me, not some faceless corporation that decides to push this and that based off some piece of market-fucking-research!)

(i really got into that at the end. nothing like issues with the world to motivate you, huh?)

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