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I Shower.

From Wired:

"Waterproof books, used mainly by skin divers and foul-weather hikers, are finding a new audience among people who simply enjoy a nice warm bath.

The new dunkable books are made not from trees, but from plastic resins and inorganic fibers.

Melcher Media, a New York-based publisher, is promoting books that are manufactured using a technology it calls "Durabooks." The books' pages don't absorb water, and they stretch instead of tearing. Other companies make waterproof books with standard wood-based paper that is heavily laminated in the printing process."

And the book in question:

"Water -- the most sensual of elements. Consider its nature: it can be gentle, warm, delicious. It can trickle over your body, dampen your skin, wet your thighs. You might be caught in the rain; first a sprinkle, then a drizzle, then an engulfing downpour, a torrent, a tempest -- which suddenly dissipates to a fine mist, leaving you drenched, deluged, flooded. You can immerse yourself in a steamy shower, a tub, a pond, a pool...you can even dance in a puddle. Or you may prefer a tropical lagoon, a harbor, a gulf, or a sunny, secluded cove. And of course, even if you stay at home, there's always ice. Ice cubes, icicles...and after the ice, the thaw.

Aqua Erotica is a new anthology of writing from some of the best of today's authors. As well as being a sexy, intelligent, and engaging read, the book has a special extra feature -- it's waterproof, from the pages to the ink to the glue in the binding! Read it in the bathtub or on the beach -- leave it immersed in the pool. It'll be perfectly readable when you take it out again, and we hope you choose to read it over and over and over again."

Link: www.mamohanraj.com/aqua.html