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'hateful though it is to be those exiled into positivity by such a discourse, in a sense everyone's relation to the public body must have more or less the same logic. no one really inhabits the general public. this is true not only because it is by definition general but also because everyone brings to such a category the particularities from which they have to abstract themselves in consuming this discourse. of course, some particularities, such as whiteness and maleness, are already oriented to that procedure of abstraction. (they can scarcely even be imagined as particularities; think for example of the asymmetry between the semantics of "feminism" and "masculinism.") but the given of the body is nevertheless a site of countermemory, all the more sos since statistically everyone will be mapped into some minority or other, a form of positivity minoritized precisely in the abstracting discourse with which everyone also identifies."

pg 396-7.

'for the same reasons, the public sphere is also not simply corrupted by its articulation with consumption. if anything, consumption sustains a counterpublicity that cuts against the self-contradictions of the bourgeois public sphere."