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Some Form of Something.

i ran my two day workshop to this week.

i got a pretty diverse bunch of people from across bits of australia, and filled them with text and, naturally, chocolate, though i didn't have much to do with this outside the 'sure, take the fourteen bucks of vouchers and buy stuff' contribution. so they ate and as they did, chewed through about nine texts over the two days, watched a film, and wrote a bit. the big winner of the text for pretty much everyone appeared to be koushun takami's battle royale. there were fourteen in the workshop, and most had plans to go out and find a copy of the book for themselves.

i don't know if any of them are passing this livejournal, but if they are, then here is the link for antipodean sf where you can submit the five hundred word story you wrote, if you're so inclined.

i ended my workshop day with a conversation with a girl about hermaphrodites, which is really how all my jobs should end.


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Jan. 29th, 2004 02:28 am (UTC)
Would that girl be alice?
Jan. 29th, 2004 02:35 am (UTC)
Re: Alex

i believe her name was emily.
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