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Apr. 2nd, 2002

easter easter easter.

everything shuts down over easter, so that people can... do stuff, i guess. i'm not real big on easter or xmas, so none of it makes much sense to me. the idea that a whole city virtually closes down because of the majority and their religion, still shows, however, just how important religion is. john howard can not meet with the dalai lama, but he dare not close down easter.

does this have a point. in a lazy way, yes.

quote: 'the city always had relations with society as a whole, with it's constituting elements (countryside and agriculture, offensive and defensive force, political power, States, ect.), and with its history. it changes when society as a whole changes. yet the city's transformations are not the passive outcomes of changes in the social whole. the city also depends as essentially on relations of immediacy, of direct relations between persons and groups which make up society (families, organised bodies, crafts and guilds, ect.). furthermore, it is not reduced to the organisation of these immediate and direct relations, nor is metamorphoses to their changes. it is situated at an interface, half-way between what is called the near order (relations of individuals in groups of variable size, more or less organized and structured, and the relations of these groups among themselves), and the far order, that of society, regulated by large and powerful institutions (church and state), by a legal code formalised or not, by a 'culture' and significant ensembles endowed with powers, by which the far order projects itself at this 'higher' level and imposes itself. abstract, formal, supra-sensible and transcending in appearances, it is not conceptualized beyond ideologies (religious and political). it includes moral and legal principles. this far order projects itself into the practico-material reality and becomes visible by writing itself within this reality. it persuades through and by the near order, which confirms its compelling power.'

henri lefebvre, Writings on Cities.

i read such interesting things, don't i.

i am too lazy to draw the connections between that quote and easter right now, but i think it speaks fairly clearly, though there are of course questions to be raised. (is the state representing the wills of the people, or what it thinks should be the wills of them? and so on and so forth.)

all food for thought. all food. all thought. all... there...


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Apr. 2nd, 2002 11:26 pm (UTC)
It's not the (RES)erection I'm interested in honey ;)
Fucking Catholics.

I mean really I'm not sure what all this near order and far order stuff you're rattling on about has to do with my long weekend but baby if I ever miss out on buying booze again because of some misrepresented jew that hung himself (OR WHATEVER) 2000 years ago,


I tell you I'm gonna go berko on the steps of St Mary's with an uzi and a microphone miming to some bad ass 80's rock chic music. Kinda like the fat hippo at the end of "Meet the Feebles".

I mean the whole bloody city shuts down. I mean CHRIST! Aren't there any Buddhist liquor stores out there? Confucian grocery chains? Hindu night clubs? Doesn't some American religious-military eschatological cult run a seedy speakeasy somewhere in this city?

Imagine this, it's Friday morning and I'm at Arq with the lovely MikeB and I'm doing my bit for Christianity. I was dressed in shining white from head to toe, even my accessories were white or diamonte laden. And across my (slightly visible) bosum an absolutely GORGEOUS and ELABORATE cruciform made up of silver glitter. Hey JC! MADAM G's THERE FOR YA!!!! But oh no. It' the first night out of a 4 day weekend and Arq, ARQ NO LESS, closes at 5am. Holy Shit! What is this? Christ Almighty has to carry a cross up Mt Panorama or wherever it is so we all have a personal cross to bear too?

Apr. 2nd, 2002 11:27 pm (UTC)
Madam G's (RES)erection continues
No way baby I said. After recovering from that night (& the ministrations of the lovely MikeB) my entourage and I decided upon the only thing that could save the day and put the Fucking Fabulous back into Good Friday. A Cocktail party!

But all over the city I was driven - to lifeless hetero bars, darkened drive thrus and bolted up bottle-os. I dirtied my person in all these places and they were all closed. And cocktail food! Oh No. I couldn't even procure a lousy six pack of takeaway california rolls. Instead we were reduced to cabanossi, jatz and brie. How gauche. I won't further sully my reputation my divulging the brand of beer I was forced to imbibe in order to console myself at this rotten turn of events.

City at the intersection of the near and far order my ass! Where was the city on so called Good Friday? Where was my near order when I needed something fabulous to do with my long weekend? I imagine the young couple foolish enough to get married at St Mary's on March 2 thought much the same as droves of suburbanites and half dressed queers flooded the area surrounding their ceremony of matrimonial bliss.

Our haunts forced into closure by the fascist jackboot of Imperialistic Monotheism, our supply of licit and illicit substances running low, we scurried into our dark corners of the city, not unlike a certain new religious movement in Nero's Rome, and waited for the Christians to finish self flagellating. Well at least I had a genuine reason to be happy that Christ died and was risen - my goddamn night clubs were able to open up again. HALLELUJAH!

Happy Holidays Darlings!
Madam G

PS Hope you have a disclaimer on this thing Benjamin, wouldn't want people thinking this diatribe was your doing!
PPS And YES. I AM Madam G so I get to refer to you as Benjamin alright?!
Apr. 3rd, 2002 05:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Madam G's (RES)erection continues
i think everyone will know this isn't me. after all, i wouldn't be caught dead admitting to public that i bought jatz for a cocktail party.

benjamin is like a different person. i don't even think it fits me.
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